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One of the cleanest days out there and only 2 of us in the water! 

Hermosa Beach, California is facing a serious issue. It’s whether or not to lift the local ban on oil wells to allow dozens of new oil wells in Hermosa Beach.

After seeing all the wells in Huntington, it’s hard for me to see how they would benefit the town at all. Seeing these huge plants near the beaches and the pollution they create just doesn’t make sense to me.

Brendan Wenzel Surfing in Huntington Beach

It’s ugly and makes my stomach churn. Now they want to try to make that even worse? No way!

The vote is expected to take place in this next election during the Spring on whether to allow this to happen or not.

When it’s voted down, the city will be obligated to pay $17.5 million to E&B. When looking at Hermosa Beach’s financial situation, they are in fine shape to cover this. And considering it doesn’t all need to be paid at once makes it even better.

One other huge thing the oil company is throwing in the city’s face is that they claim the city would benefit to the tune of $500 million over the next 35 years. My question is at what cost does this income come with.

When you really think about it, the city would be losing money after property values and tourism decrease as a result of lifting this ban and allowing E&B to build these wells.

We need your help making sure this measure doesn’t pass and ruin one of Southern California best beachfront neighborhoods.

Help the Ocean and Build a BusinessMake Direct Donation to Keep Hermosa Hermosa

Many people want the government to protect the consumer. A much more urgent problem is to protect the consumer from the government. – Milton Friedman

Can still remember first learning about Milton Friedman in December of 2006. It was following my arrest and all I wanted to do was watch documentaries on government/police abuse of power. Naturally, this led to learning about the Federal Reserve system and then the amazing economist Milton Friedman.

Milton Friedman’s passion for liberty in the marketplace can be heard in every speech. He understands that economic liberty is directly tied to the idea of political liberty. Unadulterated free markets are one of the main pillars of total liberty. You need to have the ability to freely contract with another human being for goods/services without the intervention of a “higher authority”.

Underlying most arguments against the free market is a lack of belief in freedom itself. – Milton Friedman

Milton Friedman Exposes The Free Lunch Myth

There’s no such thing as a free lunch. – Milton Friedman

It makes me laugh when someone tries to tell me that you can just tax businesses. What they fail to understand is that the end consumer or employee will always be the one to suffer most from business taxes.

Check out Milton Friedman’s explanation of how all taxes in the end are paid for by the consumer and employees. Businesses will always pass on the costs of taxes to the individual. Just watch this…

It’s his belief in liberty that draws me in the most! Glad that this post will introduce more people to his philosophy. Please click the +1 or LIKE button now to share his message with more people.

Stand Up for Liberty


The inability to describe something, to me, is the proof that it’s fucking amazing! Anything that amazing is good enough for me.

Dave Rastovich, aka Rasta, is one of my favorite surfers because of his raw love for the ocean and surf. You can feel his passion in his voice and the way he describes why he surfs.

Here in this short clip, Rasta makes his music heard in Hawaii.

Hawaii usually means big boards when we talk surf. Dave Rastovich included. Though the difference between your guns and his, is that he still rides them with 2 fins not 3.

Rasta never discriminates against any board, stating that they simply resemble different types of musical instruments all playing a different sound. There’s no such thing as a “bad” board for Dave.

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